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Welcome to the Scandinavia's largest


Nordic Wristbands is one of the oldest audience wristband suppliers in Europe. We’ve been servicing our clients including the biggest music festivals and the smallest corner bars since 1995.

With five offices in Europe, we can serve the european market better than ever, and with great partnerships in place with the major freight companies, we can deliver at very cost effective rates!

All our wristbands represent the highest quality available in the market today and thru exclusive distribution contracts with our suppliers we can not only offer you the best pricing but also a dedicated service and a trustworthy supply chain where delivery dates actually are those agreed!

We always travel to meet our suppliers before a partnership, and this way we truly can rely on what we sell and who we deal with. We're fast! From a same-day delivery to a few weeks. Express orders are processed the same day and through our agreements with freight companies you'll have your bands in days!

Nordic Wristbands™ is owned by Eastborder Promotion Ltd. in Helsinki, Finland, a company originally founded in 1994 and with AAA credit rating.